Armed Robbery *ADDITIONAL INCIDENTS | SUSPECT IDENTIFIED – 13964 Richmond Hwy. in Woodbridge VA

On August 31, officers were informed that one of the accused involved in the robbery that was reported to have occurred at the Potomac Inn located at 13964 Richmond Hwy. in Woodbridge (22191) provided false identifying information to police at the time of the arrest. The investigation revealed, that the accused falsely identified himself as Raquelle Darris JOHNSON, while being taken into custody on August 25. During the investigation, officers determined the accused provided false information regarding his identity and he has now been correctly identified as Lawrence Dawntai JOHNSON. After consultation with the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, officers obtained arrest warrants for Lawrence Dawntai JOHNSON and the charge against Raquelle Darris JOHNSON, will be dismissed. Attempts to locate the accused have been unsuccessful. One other man was previously arrested in connection to this investigation on August 25.

Wanted: [Photo from August 2022] Lawrence Dawntai JOHNSON, 35, of the 1400 block of Bayside Ave. in Woodbridge Described as a black male, 5’9”, 170lbs., with black hair, brown eyes, and a full beard Wanted for robbery, forging a public record, and false identification to law enforcement

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