Armed Robbery | Possession of a Firearm in School Grounds – 14800 block of Blackburn Rd in Woodbridge VA

On April 6 at 4:52 PM, officers responded to investigate a robbery that was reported to have occurred in the 14800 block of Blackburn Rd in Woodbridge (22191) earlier that afternoon. The investigation revealed the victim, a 14-year-old male juvenile, got off the bus in the above area and was walking home with another juvenile when they were approached by a group of other juveniles. During the encounter, one of the male juveniles in the group displayed a knife and demanded the victim’s shoes. The male juvenile took the shoes before the group dispersed. No injuries were reported. During the investigation, officers learned the parties were known to one and attended Rippon Middle School located at 15101 Blackburn Rd in Woodbridge. On April 7, the School Resource Officer (SRO) at the school was assigned to further investigate the incident where it was learned that a firearm may have been in possession of one of the juveniles during the robbery. School administration was immediately notified and located a loaded magazine and additional ammunition in the locker of one of the juveniles tied to the robbery. The SRO further learned that another juvenile involved in the robbery had a firearm at school and that the weapon had been passed around between multiple students during the day. Over the course of the investigation, the SRO spoke to several students who either had possession or knowledge of the gun’s presence on school grounds. Ultimately, the firearm was not immediately located due to the uncooperative nature of many of the juveniles involved. A police K-9 responded to the school after hours to conduct a search for the weapon which was not located. On April 8, the SRO received information that one of the juveniles originally spoken to and denied having the weapon, was actually in possession of the firearm. The firearm, which had been taken from the home of another juvenile involved, was eventually returned, and determined not to have been used in the robbery. On April 13, following the investigation, the SRO obtained detention orders for four juveniles involved in the initial robbery and gun on school grounds. Three other juveniles were disciplined by school administration.

Charged on April 13: [Juveniles] A 14-year-old male juvenile and a 13-year-old male juvenile, both of Woodbridge Both were charged with robbery, possession of a weapon on school grounds, possession of a weapon under the age of 18, and furnishing a weapon to a minor Two additional 13-year-old male juveniles, both of Woodbridge Both were charged with robbery Court Date: Pending | Status: Held at the Juvenile Detention Center

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