Assault & Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer [LEO] – 14000 block of Grayson Rd. in Woodbridge VA

Jose Alduvin VASQUEZ VASQUEZOn October 14 at 8:58 PM, officers responded to a residence located in the 14000 block of Grayson Rd. in Woodbridge (22191) to investigate a domestic. The investigation revealed a verbal altercation escalated physically between the accused and another adult male family member. Minor injuries were reported from the assault. During the investigation, officers determined the accused was the primary aggressor and took him into custody for the assault and public intoxication. When officers attempted to search the accused, he bit one of the officers on the arm causing a minor injury. Once at the Prince William-Manassas Regional Adult Detention Center, the accused struck another officer with his shoulder. No injuries were sustained by the second officer. Following the investigation, the accused, identified as Jose Alduvin VASQUEZ VASQUEZ, was arrested.

Arrested on October 14: Jose Alduvin VASQUEZ VASQUEZ, 33, of the 14000 block of Grayson Rd. in Woodbridge Charged with 2 counts of assault & battery on LEO, 1 count of domestic assault & battery, and 1 count of public intoxication Court Date: Pending | Bond: Unavailable

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