Assault & Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer [LEO] – 15948 Donald Curtis Dr. in Woodbridge VA

On August 18 at 5:30 PM, the accused was in police custody at the Eastern District Police Station located at 15948 Donald Curtis Dr. in Woodbridge (22191) when she refused to follow the officer’s commands. As officers were escorting the accused for transport to another facility, the accused spat on an officer. The accused was re-secured without further incident. No injuries were reported. Following the investigation, the accused, identified as Jessica Lynn SUTHPIN, was arrested.

Arrested on August 18: [No Photo Available] Jessica Lynn SUTHPIN, 33, of 58 Calvert St. in Woodbridge Charged with assault & battery on LEO Court Date: Pending | Bond: Held WITHOUT Bond -endAnyone with information regarding the incidents listed in this report i

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