Attempted Strong-Arm Robbery – 12125 Dumfries Rd. in Manassas VA

On March 25 at 11:42PM, officers responded to the 7-Eleven located at 12125 Dumfries Rd. in Manassas (20112) to investigate an initial call of a patron acting aggressively towards the employee. An employee of the store reported to police that an unknown masked man entered the store and walked to the rear of the store where the employee was working. As the suspect approached the employee, he demanded the money from the cash registers. When the employee refused, the suspect pushed the employee towards the front counter continuing to demand money. The employee was able to push the panic alarm which prompted the suspect to flee the store. No injuries were reported. No property was reported missing. Suspect Description: A black male, between 19-25 years of age, and approximately 5’7” Last seen wearing a black face mask, black jacket with his hood up, black pants, and white shoes

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