Attempted Strong-Arm Robbery – Summertree Condominiums at 7500 Margate Ct. in Manassas VA

Shamar Kashawn KINGOn April 29 at 8:53PM, officers responded to the Summertree Condominiums located in the 7500 block of Margate Ct. in Manassas (20109) to investigate an attempted robbery. The victim, a 38-year-old woman, reported to police that while she was in the parking lot of the above location, she was approached by an acquaintance, identified as the accused. At one point during the encounter, the accused became upset and attempted to take the victim’s phone. When the victim was able to maintain control of the phone, a brief struggle over the victim’s keys ensued. Eventually, the victim was able to separate from the accused and drove out of the area to contact the police. Following the investigation, officers obtained arrest warrants for the accused, identified as Shamar Kashawn KING. Attempts to locate the accused have been unsuccessful.

Wanted: [Photo from December 2021] Shamar Kashawn KING, 25, of the 12700 block of Milan Ct. in Woodbridge Described as a black male, approximately 6’3”, 170lbs., with brown hair and brown eyes Wanted for robbery

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