Brandishing of a Firearm on School Grounds – Independence Nontraditional School located at 14550 Aden Rd. in Manassas VA

Terry Lynn HARTOn September 19 at 7:10 AM, the School Resource Officer (SRO) assigned to Independence Nontraditional School located at 14550 Aden Rd. in Manassas (20112) was notified of an individual with a gun in the school parking lot. The SRO and school security went to the parking lot where they located the victim, a 56-year-old man, uninjured. The investigation revealed the victim was involved in a road rage incident while traveling on Aden Rd. with the driver of another vehicle, identified as the accused. As the two vehicles were stopped at the intersection of Aden Rd. and Joplin Rd., the accused brandished a firearm towards the victim. Shortly after the incident, the accused went through the intersection where the victim then followed the vehicle to the parking lot of the school. The victim parked his vehicle behind the vehicle of the accused and contacted the police. At that point, the accused exited his vehicle and brandished a firearm before confronting the victim. After a brief encounter, the accused got back into his vehicle and fled the area prior to police arriving in the parking lot. At no point during the encounter were shots fired and no physical contact was reported between the victim and the accused. During the investigation, officers identified the accused and determined the weapon used during the incident was an air pistol. Following the investigation, the accused, identified as Terry Lynn HART, was arrested.

Arrested on September 19: Terry Lynn HART, 38, of 13023 Sturbridge Rd. in Woodbridge Charged with brandishing a firearm on school grounds, brandishing a firearm, and disorderly conduct Court Date: Pending | Bond: $5,000 Unsecured Bond

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