Controlled Substance on School Grounds – Potomac High School located at 3401 Panther Pride Dr. in Dumfries VA

On October 18 at 12:58 PM, the School Resource Officer (SRO) assigned to Potomac High School located at 3401 Panther Pride Dr. in Dumfries (22026) was notified of two students who were being treated by the school nurse after consuming a gummy containing THC from another student. The investigation revealed earlier that day, a student, identified as the accused, provided two other 16-year-old male students with the gummies which were consumed on school property. Shortly after consuming the gummies, both students began to feel ill and went to the school nurse before subsequently being transported to area hospital where they were treated and expected to recover. During the investigation, the accused, identified as a 16-year-old male juvenile, was brought to the security office where he was found in possession of additional gummies and a vape pen, all suspected of containing a controlled substance. The SRO was present and determined no additional gummies were distributed that day. Following the investigation, officers sought petitions against the accused. After consultation with Juvenile Court Services, the case resulted in an informal action and will be handled through the juvenile diversion process.

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