Felony Child Neglect – Coverstone 4 Apartments 7600 Cass Pl. in Manassas VA

Mercadas Allissa GONZALEZOn October 18 at 10:41 PM, officers responded to the Coverstone 4 Apartments located in the 7600 block of Cass Pl. in Manassas (20109) to investigate child neglect. The investigation revealed a resident of the apartment located the victims, a 3-year-old girl, and a 4-year-old girl, outside unsupervised and without proper clothing and contacted the police. While investigating the incident, the family member who was caring for the children, identified as the accused, returned to the apartment. Officers determined the accused left the victims unsupervised and they exited the apartment. The children, who were unharmed, were turned over to a family member. On October 27, following the investigation, the accused, identified as Mercadas Allissa GONZALEZ, was arrested.

Arrested on October 27: Mercadas Allissa GONZALEZ, 22, of the 7600 block of Cass Pl. in Manassas Charged with 2 counts of child neglect Court Date: Pending | Bond: Unavailable

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