Malicious Wounding | Abduction – Summertree Condominiums at 7500 Gales Ct. in Manassas VA

Taheera JOHNSONOn May 27 at 12:06AM, officers responded to the Summertree Condominiums located in the 7500 block of Gales Ct. in Manassas (20109) to investigate a burglary. Upon arriving at the residence, officers located two women in the bathroom and immediately separated them. The investigation revealed, that one of the women, identified as the accused, pushed a known male occupant of the residence, identified as the victim, to gain entry into the home. Once inside the residence, the accused engaged a separate occupant of the home, identified as the female victim, in a verbal altercation before striking her. When the male victim attempted to intervene, the accused brandished a stun weapon and stunned both victims. A physical altercation over the stun weapon ensued where the male victim was able to take possession of the weapon before the accused temporarily separated from the victims. The accused then went into the kitchen, retrieved a knife, and forced her way into the bathroom where the female victim was located. While inside the bathroom the accused grabbed the female victim’s hair and threatened her with the knife while preventing her from leaving the bathroom. The male victim fled the residence and contacted the police. When officers arrived at the residence, they made contact with the women in the bathroom and detained the accused. The victims reported minor injuries. Following the investigation, the accused, identified as Taheera JOHNSON, was arrested.

Arrested on May 27: Taheera JOHNSON, 41, of 11241 Soldiers Ridge Ct. in Manassas Charged with 1 count of malicious wounding, 1 count of abduction, 1 count of burglary, and 2 counts of assault & battery Court Date: Pending | Bond: Held WITHOUT Bond

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