Malicious Wounding on a Law Enforcement Officer [LEO] – 500 block of Belmont Bay Dr. in Woodbridge VA

Kenneth Wayne JOHNSON Jr.On September 13 at 11:07 PM, officers responded to the Harbor Point West Condominiums located in the 500 block of Belmont Bay Dr. in Woodbridge (22191) to investigate a domestic. When officers arrived at the location, they encountered a man, later identified as the accused, who initially prevented the officers from entering the home. While investigating the incident, the accused became increasingly aggressive toward officers. When officers attempted to detain the accused, he actively resisted and refused to follow the officer’s commands. During the encounter, the accused wrapped his arm around an officer’s neck and struck the officer. An additional officer intervened, and the accused was taken into custody without further incident. The investigation into the initial domestic call revealed the victim, a 33-year-old woman, and the accused were involved in a verbal altercation that escalated. During that encounter, the accused threw household items at the victim before physically preventing her from leaving the room and grabbing her neck. The victim was able to separate from the accused when a family member intervened. The victim reported minor injuries. The officer was transported to an area hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Following the investigation, the accused, identified as Kenneth Wayne JOHNSON Jr., was arrested.

Arrested on September 13: Kenneth Wayne JOHNSON Jr., 36, of the 500 block of Belmont Bay Dr. in Woodbridge Charged with 1 count of malicious wounding of an LEO, 2 counts of obstruction of justice, 1 count of abduction, 1 count of domestic assault & battery Court Date: Pending | Bond: Held WITHOUT Bond

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