Shooting into a Residential Dwelling – 500 block of Sedgewick Pl. in Dumfries VA

On May 18 at 11:56 AM, Prince William County police officers and officers from the Dumfries Police Department, responded to a residence located in the 2500 block of Sedgewick Pl. in Dumfries (22026) to investigate a destruction of property. The homeowner reported to police that at approximately 4:00 AM that morning they woke to the sound of suspected gunshots. Upon inspecting the home later that morning, a window was found damaged. The investigation revealed that Dumfries police officers had initially responded to the above area earlier that morning for a shell casing that was located on a nearby walkway. While investigating the incident, officers determined that several rounds struck the front of the home. Additional shell casings were located in the grassy area along a privacy fence in the above area. No additional gunshot calls were received in the above area during the time of the incident. No injuries or additional property damage were reported.

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