Shooting Investigation – 13200 block of Occoquan Rd. in Woodbridge VA

On May 3 at 12:18 AM, officers responded to investigate a shooting that reportedly occurred in the 13200 block of Occoquan Rd. in Woodbridge (22191) earlier that evening. Officers were initially called to an area hospital where a 25-year-old man was being treated at the facility for a non-life-threatening gunshot wound. The victim reported to police that while parked in the parking lot of the above area, he heard a loud noise before the front passenger side window of his vehicle shattered, and then a 4- door sedan with tinted windows drove by. As the victim drove out of the area, he realized that the noise was a gunshot and he had been struck. The victim then drove to a nearby home where an acquaintance transported him to an area hospital where police were notified. No additional injuries or property damage were reported. The investigation continues.

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