Strangulation | Domestic Related – 13000 block of Qualls Ln. in Woodbridge VA

Miley CASHOn October 15 at 11:19 AM, officers responded to a residence located in the 13000 block of Qualls Ln. in Woodbridge (22193) to investigate a domestic. The investigation revealed the victim, a 20-year-old woman, and an acquaintance, identified as the accused, were involved in a verbal altercation that escalated. During the encounter, the accused threw the victim to the ground multiple times before grabbing her throat. The victim was able to temporarily separate from the accused before he struck her in the upper body. At one point, the accused tossed the victim’s phone on the ground which caused the screen to break. The two parties separated, and the accused fled the residence prior to police arriving in the area. The victim reported non-life-threatening injuries. Following the investigation, officers obtained arrest warrants for the accused, identified as Miley CASH. Attempts to locate the accused have been unsuccessful.

Wanted: [Photo from June 2022] Miley CASH, 21, of the 13000 block of Qualls Ln. in Woodbridge Described as a white male, 6’0”, 175lbs., with brown hair and brown eyes Wanted for strangulation, domestic assault & battery, and destruction of property

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