Threats by Electronic Means – Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School at 13224 Nickleson Dr. in Woodbridge VA

On June 10 at 9:48 AM, officers responded to investigate a potential threat of violence made towards a student at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School, located at 13224 Nickleson Dr. in Woodbridge (22193), earlier that morning. The investigation revealed that while on school property, a student, identified as the accused, posted threats of potential violence towards the victim, an 11-year-old male student. The principal was notified of the threats and contacted the police. Following the investigation, officers identified the sender of the messages was a 12-year-old male student and determined the threat was not credible. Following the investigation, officers sought petitions against the accused. After consultation with Juvenile Court Services, the case resulted in an informal action and will be handled through the juvenile diversion process.

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